So bewildering

I met my beautifications at the base after an extraordinarily enlarged timespan

It’s been an astoundingly focal time interval since I progressed forward from school

It’s difficult for everybody to drink now

We should have a motivation eating experience and drink

Then, at that point, visit Dong-A University Pub’s Holdham Stars

This is the focal spot I’ve been to

My amigo who lives in the space recommended that I go

I’m visiting Dong-A University Pub Holdham Stars


It’s by the street

It was not difficult to get

Holdham is a game you appreciate with others

Forgoing up around the table like this

It was a cerebrum blowing game

Doubtlessly, I’ve never met anybody yet one mate

I depended upon that you may be blasting

It’s not actually as key as I suspected

Changed after two 포커캐슬 or on different occasions

It’s less amazing than I suspected

So bewildering

I feel like I’m being phony

It’s so bewildering

My first commitment in my embellishments

Dong-A University Pub Holdham Stars

I was reasonably gotten

Contemplating everything, it was such heaps of fun

I was unsteady contemplating how it was my first time

Take out up

None in any capacity whatsoever

It is so standard

It’s a game you can appreciate with others

To see the good life

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