This spot recently opened

Genuine back rub spot to suggest at Wirye knead shop!! [Life rub Wirye branch]

It’s a daily existence rub shop

Why are you here? It resembles a back rub shop

On the off chance that you check out the photos, the offices are truly great

You may believe, “That is it.”

It’s a hot back rub shop that opened in October

Life knead Wirye branch

It’s initial this October

We’re additionally holding an open occasion

Wow when I truly opened

I picked the right one

It’s an open occasion

Dry hour and a half back rub

It’s initially 70,000 won, however it’s limited to 50,000 won

However, guess what? 70,000 won is normally less expensive

50,000 won!

Above all else, you’re extremely cool

That is the reason it’s under 70,000 won

It’s 50,000 won since it’s on special at this point!

On the off chance that I miss something like this, I’ll be the one to focus on!!

Also, this is a brand shop that just has some expertise in knead

I’m doing an exhaustive back rub too

Particularly what I loved

Every one of the parts you put all over are made of expendable items, so they take great consideration of your cleanliness

Am I great?

And afterward

This is the Wirye part of life rub

It doesn’t make any difference on vacations or ends of the week

Open 365 days every year!!

Is this stunning?

On the off chance that I go for a back rub, I need to go toward the end of the week since I work on non-weekend days

The back rub shop that closes on ends of the week is crazy

In any case, this is a daily existence knead Wirye branch

There’s no end day, so I can generally go there

This spot recently opened

It’s as of now known as a day to day existence rub place

We have a ton of reservations

I really wanted to reserve a 출장마사지 spot on the telephone

At the point when I went there, there appeared to be around 10 beds for knead

I’m apprehensive the booking is full Pool

That is the reason you should reserve a spot

Indeed, I like everything here, except one of the better things is

This life rub Wirye branch is situated in another structure

It’s in the structure

Both the structure and the inside are perfect

Also, the parking garage is tremendous, so you don’t need to stress over stopping

Life knead Wirye branch here

The brand name of life knead is extremely popular in Bundang

It was recently opened in Wirye

No big surprise

It’ll be excessively full when it opens

It’s as of now confirmed as a back rub parlor

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